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Alec was an overworked journalist. Nick was an exhausted startup employee. A mutual friend forced them to grab beers together and forty-five minutes later, they had a new project to fill their nonexistent time. Nick started hounding connections to book guests and Alec worked long evenings producing the content. Alec willingly switched jobs to a marketing firm while Nick was laid off from his startup. The community grew as Nick traveled the world while sleeping on couches to interview renowned guests. After applying for a press pass to the 2020 X Games, ESPN approved their application and the

Commonwealth became the first podcast to receive press credentials in the sport’s history. Regardless of the crazy, unexpected things that happen in their listener’s lives, an episode of the Commonwealth comes out on Monday morning.

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Nick, the Commonwealth’s host, was working at a ski resort coffee shop when he emailed ESPN for press credentials to the 2020 X Games. His application went through, and the Commonwealth became the first podcast to ever receive a press pass to the event. The opportunity allowed the show to feature one of the world’s best snowboarders, Scotty James. Scotty discussed the importance of using his voice to shed light on humanitarian causes, as he did to help raise money for the Australian bushfires in early 2020.

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